Which Pet is allowed in Islam?


In Islam, animals are considered as worthy of compassion. Islam puts great emphasis on cleanliness. In many ahadith, you can find that certain animals have been prohibited to be kept in the house. The presence of such animals has been forbidden and there are some reasons behind it. Similarly, there are some permissible pets/pet in … Read more

Name of Angels and their duties

name of angels

You must have learned that the belief in the angels of God is one of the fundamental beliefs in Islam. What are the name of angels and their prominent duties in Islam? Let’s find out in this article. In Holy Quran, Allah says: “The Messenger has believed in what was revealed on him from God, … Read more

Khimar and Hijab? What exactly it is?

khimar and hijab

Khimar is an Arabic word and its literal meaning is to cover. Khumar is a plural of Khimar.  According to various Arabic dictionaries, Khimar means something through which women cover their heads. You must have read this word in the Holy Quran. In Holy Quran, it has been mentioned in Surah Noor. In Quran, Allah … Read more