What are 5 benefits of Surah Al Fatiha?

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You must be conversant with the fact that Surah Al Fatiha is the first Surah of the Holy Quran. It is called as Al Fatiha because it is the opening of the Quran. It is known by various names such as Umm-al-Kitab, which means mother of the Book and Um-al-Quran i.e; Mother of the Quran. With such an importance of this surah comes the benefits of Surah Al Fatiha for mankind.

In Surah Al Hijr, Allah says:

“We have sent to you the Seven Oft Repeated Verses.”

Al Quran

These seven verses are from Surah Al Fatiha. It is recited in Salat as an obligatory prayer. The hadith of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) puts strong emphasis on reciting Al fatiha in prayer.

In Sahih Al bukhari, it is narrated:

“A person who does not recite Surah al Fatiha in his prayer, his prayer becomes invalid.”

Sahih Al bukhari

It is one of the two lights given to Prophet (PBUH), the other is the last three verses of Surah al Baqrah.  Holy Quran is a book of knowledge, wisdom and blessings. Every Surah of Holy Quran has some benefits associated with it and similar is the case with Surah al Fatiha. It offers you many benefits. Let us mention five important benefits of Surah al Fatiha.

Benefits of Surah Al Fatiha

1: Cures Disease

Surah Al fatiha is also known as al shifa. This name suggests that it is a shifa for the ill. This surah has the greatest benefit of relieving a sick person from diseases. You can recite this for an ill person. It is also beneficial as a cure of poison.

The Holy Pophet(PBUH) said:

“In Surah al Fatiha there is a cure for every disease.”

Al Hadees

In sahih Al Bukhari, Abu Saeed Khidri narrates an incident. He explains that during a journey, they stopped for a brief while at a place. A woman came and told them that the chief of their tribe was stung by a scorpion and asked for some help to recite something that can cure him.

One of the men from the group went there and recited something and the chief was healed. When he was asked about the verses, he said that he had recited Um-ul-Kitab.

Abu Saeed Khidri says that when they reached Madina, they narrated this incident to the Prophet(PBUH). The Prophet of God remarked that “how did he got to know that Surah al fatiha can be used as a treatment.” This incident clearly shows that this benefit of the Surah fatiha has also been endorsed by the Prophet of God.

2: Eradicates Poverty

In addition, this Surah can change your economic condition. The recitation of this Surah is a blessing for those who are suffering from poverty. Moreover, it helps in changing the fortune of a man. It is also helpful in clearing the loans by the help of God.

3: Protects from enemies

This surah protects you from the enemy. It helps in getting rid of all kinds of fear. The mercy of God protects the reader of this Surah from each and every kind of distress. It saves you from all kinds of calamities. Anas, the companion of Prophet (PBUH) said:

“When you recite Surah al fatiha and Surah al Ikhlas before going to bed, you are protected from everything except death.”

4: Acceptance of prayer

If you read Surah fatiha for one hundred times, you must trust God and believe that your  prayers will be accepted by God.

5: Summary of Quran:

Surah Fatiha offers you a summary of the Quran. By understanding this Surah, you can easily understand the meaning and purpose of the Holy Quran.

With all these benefits of reading Surah Fatiha, you should make it your daily habit. So, that you can avail of all the blessings.

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