7 Best Spiritual Books to Read and Enjoy. Buy now!

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As with every religion in the world, numerous good and, equally, numerous terrible stuff is said and thought about Islam. Every single person needs to obtain some understanding of the controversy over Islam. We have mentioned a few of the best ones below on the list. However, if we are, generally speaking, books having a common approach are much more beneficial and helpful. We’ve mentioned a few of the best Spiritual Books to Read below.

So, if you are looking for a true awareness about Islam and Muslims, go for these books. Of course, every author mentioned in this article has specific qualities. However, each one of them whether it is the Muslims, seculars, or Christians, aims to connect in a productive controversy about Islam.

Furthermore, it tells what it means to be a Muslim. Although a lot of books mentioned-below are written by famous scholars. Moreover, you do not need to worry as they all are understandable enough to read in simple English. We are sure each of these books will bring you closer to the basic principles of Islam.

Best Spiritual books to read online

Below are the best Islamic Spirituality books that you must read. 

Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed 

Reclaim Your Heart is not only a simple self-help book. It is a book about the heart journey in and out of the stages of this life. This book is about how you can keep your heart from falling to the depths of those stages. And what you should do when it does. It is a book about hope, about faith, about revival.  

Most of us live our lives caught up by the same patterns of setbacks and grievances. Reclaim Your Heart will educate readers on how to survive in this life without permitting life to hold onto you. It is a book on how to preserve your most precious possession: the heart. 

Secrets of Divine Love by A. Helwa 

Do your flaws leave you feeling worthless of love from a perfect creator? Has your holy path left you with more problems than reasons? Are you trying to connect the religious topic to your technically affected life? If yes, this is just the book you need.  

Internationally praised and award-winning author A. Helwa has motivated over half a million readers with her intense and poetic method to piousness. Now, in this book, she has shown how you can loosen your spiritual ability. She also helped her readers to discover their true purpose in life. Secrets of Divine Love: A Spiritual Journey into the Heart of Islam is an influential guide for all. It will direct you towards the covered meaning of the Holy Quran through affection and happiness.

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Spiritual Books: The Inner Life By Hazrat Inayat Khan  

The book Inner Life compiles three particular writings by the popular Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan. His writing includes a quick lesson as well. Readers that know nothing about Sufism will discover this book as an excellent, simple opening. Those who are aware of Sufism will enjoy the collection of the material into a single volume.

Inayat Khan’s declaration on the unity of enchantment and the oneness of God, along with his exposure to all spiritual directions, is a significant corrective to the sect system and Western misconception of Islam as sectarian. 

Revive Your Heart By Nouman Ali Khan 

One of the Top Spiritual Books “Revive Your Heart” is disarmingly easy, yet it strives for us to improve. This book helps us to revise our deeds, our beliefs, and our moralities to modify ourselves. It intends to support modern Muslims in maintaining a spiritual relation with Allah. Also, it helps to deal with the challenges confronting believers today. These challenges include the clash in the Muslim society, terrorists working in the name of Islam, and the poor connection with Allah. 

This book highlights not only the temporary essence of this life but how we should also heal our hearts to prepare it for the Hereafter. It also prompts the improper behaviors some Muslim nations have towards women. These behaviors are totally against the teachings of Islam. Because the glorious teachings of Islam instruct us to respect them. 

Spiritual Books: The Path of Perfection By Bahram Elahi 

A spiritual guide for perfection for all humans apart from their beliefs or faiths. The idea of this book is uniquely new in its direction. Bahram Elahi outlines the important factors of a system of intuition. This focuses on highlighting the situation of man’s technique toward perfection. People are busy handling topics such as the explicitness of human beings, the effects of our actions, etc. This job has been assembled as a concise and sensible handbook.  

Conditional Citizens: On Belonging in America By Laila Lalami 

Conditional Citizens covers the topic of how distinct people and groups are marginalized. Moreover, it talks about how different religious people are not provided the complete rights and allowance in the United States. The book also includes additional general writing on how this happening remains in the whole world. However, the author mainly concentrates on the American community. 

The book gives a sizzling glimpse of the effort for all Americans to obtain freedom and equality. Lalami expressively connects her experiences as a foreigner to this country. Additionally, she also covers the history of the U.S. trials that eliminate distinct people from the complete rights of citizenship. 

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Al-Ghazzali On Knowing Yourself and God By Al-Ghazzali 

Al-Ghazzali initiates his excellent Alchemy of pleasure. He highlights the idea established in the prominent Tradition of the Prophet (SAW). The idea implies that if a person knows himself, he would know his Lord too.

In al-Ghazzali’s opinion, everything starts up by understanding who you truly are. Furthermore, he explains that you should understand that everyone is born with an external form and an internal identity. It is that internal identity of the spiritual heart that you have to get to learn who you are. 


These Books on Islamic spirituality not only educate Muslims for a good life. But, it also helps the none-Muslims as well about the basics. The Spiritual books of Islam are full of guides to better one’s life. There are many Spiritual Books of all-time that are just what a person needs in their bad times. Therefore, if you want to improve and educate yourself more about the Islam religion. Then, go and get the Islamic Spiritual Books for yourself and gift it to others. 

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