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How to convert to Islam? Complete Helping Guide

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Do you know that Islam is one of the fastest growing religions? People from different religions convert to Islam due to their specific backgrounds or the way of life. Islam means peace and this peace is the outcome of submission to the will of God. Muslim means a person who obeys the word of God and follows the path of Islam as laid down in Quran and Hadith. If how to convert to Islam is the question that is hindering you to enter Islam, then we are sure that this guide is going to be extremely helpful in this regard.

Why Islam?

Islam is not some new and different sort of religion as compared to other religions, because other religions revealed by God also promoted submission to the will of God. This point makes Islam a natural religion, because it promotes the same message as was being revealed since ages through different Prophets of God and this process culminated on the last prophet (PBUH).

In Surah al Anbiya, Allah says:

“And We sent not before you any messenger except that We revealed to him that, “There is no deity except Me, so worship Me.”

Al Quran

This verse vividly declares that all the prophets sent by God propagated the same divine message about the submission to God. The only difference between Islam and other religions is that the teachings of their prophet were corrupted and changed with the passage of time. But the teachings of Islam and the content of Quran still stands non-corrupted even after centuries because God has taken the responsibility of the safety of Quran on Himself.

In chapter Al Hijr in Holy Quran, God says:

“Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian.”

In this way, the teachings of Islam are intact. The teachings of Islam are an answer to the everyday problem of humanity. Anybody who wants to convert to Islam will find this religion as a simple yet convincing solution for the daily issues of life.

Advantages of Converting to Islam

Due to the benevolent nature of the Islam, you can witness that there are numerous benefits or advantages of converting to Islam.

1: God is everywhere

In Islam, the relationship of a believer to God is very direct and close. In Quran, Allah says:

“We are nearer to you than your jugular vein.”

God is the protector and guardian of a Muslim. By putting their trust in God, Muslims feel relax and free of all distress. God knows the condition of your heart. He knows your plight and misery. He is omnipresent and he will definitely help you in every situation. This trust and belief in the only God makes the life of a Muslim simple and worth living.

2: Purpose of life

By converting to Islam, a person gets a purpose for his life. This purpose is based on the teachings of Islam. In order to please God, you act according to the teachings of Quran and Sunnah.

3: Guideline for all the problems

A person who converts to Islam gets a sort of light that illuminates his path. This light guides him in each and every problem of life. You get a guideline not only for the spiritual problems of life but also for the material and physical aspects. Islam is a complete code of life. It guides you to the straight path, the path of righteous and noble people.

4: Inner Peace

By converting to Islam, a person experiences a kind of inner peace and comfort. Islam answers all the spiritual issues of mankind. It relieves you from all kinds of mental and emotional conflicts. To obey the will of God, and by entrusting you affairs to God, you feel relaxed and peaceful.

5: Past sins are forgiven

The sins committed in the past life of a newly convert muslim are forgiven. In Islam the door of God’s mercy is always open. God loves his creatures and is very kind to them. Even if you commit a sin after your conversion to Islam, God is forgiving and pardons every sin except Shirq.

6: Protection from hell

A newly converted man who spends his life according to the will of God will get protection from the hell fire.

7: Paradise

The believers have been promise paradise by God. If a Muslim convert performs good deed and abstains from evil, the reward of this life is nothing less than paradise. Paradise is a place where you will enjoy the spiritual as well as physical pleasure. The Jannah is an eternal abode for a true muslim.

How to become a Muslim?

To convert to Islam is an easy process. You can do it at your own or you can also take the help of some learned religious person. The important thing is the intention. If your intention is pure and you are dedicated in your purpose then you can easily convert to Islam. It is better to understand the meaning and concept of Islam through some book or you can find the relevant material on internet as well. By a clear understanding, your intention will become strong.

Kalma Shahadat or declaration of faith

After making your intention, the pronouncement of faith is the only condition to enter into Islam. The person who wants to convert to Islam will simply testify that: “La ilaha illaAllah Muhammad ur Rasool ullah.” The meaning of this declaration is: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of God.”

By saying these words you will become a muslim. There is no need to have any witness when you declare the faith because God is the only witness and he sends thousands of angels from heaven to view your declaration of faith. When you convert to muslim, you should also believe in the following things:

1: Quran

After converting to Islam, the belief in Quran as the last and ultimate source of guidance from God is mandatory. Quran has solution for all of our problems. It caters to the needs of every human.

2: Day of Judgment

It is the day on which a person will get the reward of good or evil. To the newly converted muslim it is important to have a belief in the day of judgment.

3: Belief in Prophets

As a newly converted muslim you must believe in all the prophets of Allah and their books that were sent for the guidance of people.

4: Belief in Angels

In addition to the belief in prophet, belief in angels is also very crucial. A converted muslim must have a belief in Angels of Allah.

Online Conversion

You can convert to Islam through online sources as well. It is always better to find someone who can help you live in pronouncing the exact words of Kalma shahadat.

After conversion to Islam, the newly converted muslim should learn how to take a bath and cleanse himself before the prayer, the ablution (wudu), and the proper method of offering daily prayers. Without proper ablution prayer are not accepted by God.

Observe Islamic manners

By adopting the path of one God, the newly converted muslims should avoid Haram and follow the concept of Hilal in every aspect of life. It is a wide concept and is not restricted to eating only. Relationships, eating habits, hygiene and proper dress code for prayers also come under this concept.

Five pillars of Islam

Shahdah, Salat, Soam, Zakat and Hajj are the five pillars of Islam. The people who convert to Islam should perform these actions because the foundation of Islam is based on these pillars. If you do not follow these practices, or you miss some of these practices, it will weaken your Iman.


As a newly convert Muslim you should try to practice patience, because God has promised rewards for the tolerant. You will find resistance from society, or you will find difficulty in understanding Islam, but through patience you will definitely achieve your goal.

Changing name after conversion to islam

Some people believe that it is compulsory to change your name after entering into Islam. This notion is not true. In some case where your earlier name contradicts with any basic beliefs of Islam, or your name has some meaning that is the quality of God only. In such cases only, it is advised to alter your name. In all other cases, there is no need to change your name.

After becoming Muslim

1: After accepting Islam, you should try to follow the teachings of Islam in letter and spirit. Your every deed must be for the sake of God. Try to practice Islam in your daily life. It will help you in becoming a good Muslim. Your good actions will motivate others to accept Islam which is a religion of love and peace.

2: Try to learn from Muslim scholars and consult the divine book of God for any kind of issues or conflicts in your daily life because it has a solution for every problem. In addition to this offer your five times prayer regularly. It will create a discipline in your life.

3: Always make an effort to maintain the existing family relationships. Do not hurt others, and always try to spread happiness and positivity.

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