Fitrana – Sadqa e Fitr or Fitrana on Eid for the year 2020

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With Ramadan, where Zakat on the wealth is due, there is another important charitable giving which has to be paid to the poor and needy. This is known as fitrana for Eid or Sadqa e Fitr. Let’s discuss the details of this mode of Zakat in this article.

What is Sadqa e Fitr?

Sadqa e Fitr is the charitable amount that is due on Muslims before Eid ul Fitr every year.

What is the amount of Fitrana for Eid?

For Eid, the amount of sadqa is determined every year. So, it is different year after year. The amount of this charitable giving is determined by the clergies based on the price of wheat and other products. Usually, a range of products is chosen that includes wheat, raisins and dates; the price for each product is decided and then choice is left to the people for choosing.

People with strong financial condition pay according to the price of dates or raisins whereas the people with lesser financial status can pay according to the price of wheat. 

Who can get Fitrana?

Fitrana is paid to the people who can’t afford to celebrate the Eid.Poor and needy people are given money before the Eid Prayer so that they can enjoy Eid in the same way as the others. 

What is the purpose of this ritual? 

The purpose of this ritual is to include the entire society in the happiness and celebrations of Eid. Through fitrana, people who cannot afford good food can manage it through the help of Muslim community.

How much Fitrana for Eid 2020?

If you are looking for the exact amount of Fitrana that you should pay while living in the United States, then we’ll help you with that. We’ll provide you with the easiest method of calculating this act of charity. 

Fitrana is calculated as the amount equal to 2.5 Kg or 5 pound of wheat. So whatever is the price per pound of wheat in your area, you can multiply it by 5 and pay as Fitrana for one individual. Make sure to pay this calculated amount for all the members of your family even including infants and househelp (if any). You can also choose raisins or dates as the base for measuring the amount. But whatever you choose, make sure to pay it before the Eid Prayer.

We wish all of you a blessed Eid. Don’t forget to remember the poor segments of the society while enjoying the Eid festivities. Fitrana for Eid is just a way to include every segment of the society. You can definitely do something extra for them but don’t forget that paying Fitr is an obligation. 

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