Important beliefs and Five Pillars of Faith

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Islam is the complete religion, providing you with a holistic approach to live a contented life. If you have been looking for the fundamental beliefs of Islam or five pillars of faith, then we are going to address it in this article.

The fundamental doctrine of Islam revolves around the five pillars of faith and some of the concept believing which are necessary to be a muslim. We’ll start with the definition of five pillars of faith and then move onto some of the important concepts without which the faith of the Muslims would not be complete. 

Five Pillars of Faith:

The five pillars of faith on which the entire structure of the religion is dependent are:


The proclamation of Shahadah is the first pillar to be a Muslim. Without this step, you miss the basic element of faith. Moreover, Shahadah means belief in the oneness of Allah Almighty along with the belief that Prophet PBUH is the messenger of Allah.

This is not an ordinary statement. On this statement, the entire religion Islam is based. It nullifies acceptance of any other individual, product or thing to be worshipped.


Salat is the second pillar of Islam in order. It is also termed as salah or namaz. Five prayers a day are obligatory for every Muslim man and woman. The importance of Salat can be judged from the fact that it would be the first thing to be questioned on the Day of Judgement. 


The third pillar of Islam is fasting. It is imperative for every Muslim man and woman to fast in the month of Ramadan. The period of fasting is from dawn to sunset. During this time, eating and drinking is prohibited and the Muslims are encouraged to spend their time in the remembrance of Allah Almighty. Additionally, helping mankind in every possible way is a good mechanism to spend your entire day.


This is the fourth pillar of  Islam. As a Muslim, paying 2.5% of your savings to the people in need is mandatory. Obviously, there is a mechanism available for the calculation of Zakat. But in general this is how the percentage of Zakat is defined.


The last and the fifth pillar of Islam is Hajj. It is obligatory for the Muslims, at least once in lifetime. It is performed in the month of Zilhaj. Moreover, it symbolizes the supremacy of Allah Almighty and brings the message of universal brotherhood. Additionally, during Hajj, Muslims from different parts of the world combine in Makkah to perform the pilgrimage and show their obedience to Allah. 

Fundamental Beliefs of Islam:

Here we’ll be discussing the beliefs without which an individual cannot be a Muslim:

Belief in Allah:

You can consider it the part of Shahadah. However, it is more than just proclamation. According to this belief, everything done and said should portray the belief in the oneness of Allah Almighty.

Belief in Angels:

Angels are the creation of Allah and as a Muslim it is important that you believe in their existence. Their main purpose is to worship Allah and carry out any duty that has been assigned to them by Allah. 

Belief in Divine Books:

Allah has sent His revelations through different books. Amongst which, Quran is the last and the only book that is (and always will be) in its original condition. As a Muslim, it is important to believe in all the books that have been sent to different prophets. However, it is the Quran that has to be read and consulted for the purpose of guidance. 

Belief in Prophets:

The prophets are the messengers of Allah who were sent for the guidance of mankind at different times. So, to believe in the existence of all the prophets and that all their teachings have been the message of Allah to humans is the essential part of belief in Islam. 

Belief in the Day of Judgement:

In Islam, the Day of Judgement is very important. In Quran and hadith, we find various instances where the occurrence of Day of Judgement and its details are available for the people to understand. Muslim believe that a day is going to come where all the deeds of the Muslims would be evaluated. After which the decision about the future of individuals would take place. We pray that all of us get Jannah as our eternal home.

Belief in Destiny:

Destiny is something beyond the power and comprehension of humans. It is important that Muslims believe that destiny has an important role in their lives. So, everything that comes in our life is dependent on destiny.

Belief in Resurrection:

There is a life after death and that life would be eternal. The belief in this concept is actually the belief is Resurrection according to Islam. So, to believe in this concept is essential for Muslims.  

Doctrine of Islam:

The five pillars of Islam and these believes are essentials to be a Muslim. Without believing on these concepts and practicing the pillars, an individual cannot be a true Muslim. These beliefs cover all the important things to live a contented life. So, no doubt, Islam is the holistic religion, which provides you with a great way to live your life.

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