Can you go inside the Kaaba?

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Who is allowed to enter the house of God in Makkah? Is this a place specified only for VIP’s? The answer is a No, because all the muslims are allowed to enter Kaaba. Holy Kaaba is the most venerated and the most visited place by the muslims. Muslims from around the world visit Kaaba for pilgrimage. Kaaba is the epicenter of Makkah. Some of you might have a question, “Can you go inside the Kaaba?”, we’ll answer it in this article.

Muslims offer their prayers in the direction of Kaaba. In this way Kaaba has a significant place in the lives of muslims. You must have known that Kaaba is situated in Masjid al Haram in Makkah. It was a sacred place before the inception of Islam, but it has been modified throughout its history.

The structure of Kaaba is in a cubical shape. Holy Kaaba has one door and no window. Bani Shaiba family holds the key of Kaaba because they were entrusted this responsibility by the Prophet of God himself on the conquest of Makkah. All the dignitaries and royals have to seek the permission of this family for entering into Kaaba. The gate of Kaaba is closed for most of the year.

Who can enter Kaaba

In Islam, there is no disparity on the basis of class and colour. Muslims from every part of the world can enter the house of God. There is nothing in the Quran, Hadith or Shariah that prevents a muslim from entering into Allah’s house. If a muslim gets a chance, he or she can enter inside Kaaba and can offer prayer. It is a dream of every muslim to enter into the Kaaba, because it is the most sacred place on the entire earth.

How many times the gate of Kaaba is opened

Initially the gate of Kaaba was opened twice in a week. People were allowed to visit Kaaba and offer prayers. But with the passage of time, when the number of pilgrimages increased, and it became difficult to manage the situation, it was decided to open it twice a year.

How to go inside the Kaaba?

These days it is not open for everyone. It is opened for the state dignitaries, restricted staff and for special guests only. If you want to enter Kaaba, you must take permission from the custodians of Kaaba in this regard.

But as seen from the rituals and practices going on, not everyone is allowed to go inside the Kaaba. You’ll have to be extremely lucky to get such a permission from the custodian.

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