How many kids did adam and eve have?

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It is a fact known by all of you that Adam was the first human on the earth. God created Adam from soil. Eve; the wife of Adam was created from him. In this article, we’ll cover the overall overview of kids of Adam and Eve. Keep reading to know more.

In Quran, God says in Surah al baqra:

“Verily I am going to place mankind generations after generation on earth.”

Surah Al Baqra

Adam was the first prophet and he was given the responsibility to train his wife and children to worship God. He was also entrusted the task to establish the laws of God. He was commanded by God to populate the earth and raise his children in the light of God’s religion and principles.

When we talk about the number of children of Adam, it is not possible to figure out the exact number. The whole mankind is considered as kids of Adam and Eve, because they were the first inhabitant of earth and started their family and the whole generation that followed from them is considered as their children.

The exact number of births is a topic of debate till today. According to some schools of thought, Eve had gone through 20 pregnancies with Adam, while some others are of the opinion that she went through 120 pregnancies and each time a set of twin was born.

The first four children of Adam  

Adam’s first two children were Cain and his sister and they were born twin. After them Abel and another girl were born as twin. It has been stated by Ibn e Abbas and Ibn e Massod, companions of the Prophet that inter-marriage between the children of one pregnancy to the other was a practice among the children of Adam. Abel and Cain have also been mentioned in Quran as sons of Adam. The purpose of this practice was to increase the population.

 The successor of Adam

Adam had appointed his son Seth as his successor to carry out his mission.

We hope this information would have addressed your question regarding the children of Adam and Eve.

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