How to read namaz Tahajjud?

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Tahajjud or night prayer is a unique type of prayer offered by the Muslims. The word Tahajjud has originated from the word Tahajjuda. Tahajjuda means to be awake at night with Holy Quran. How to read namaz tahajjud is the basic question that you might be looking. As you know that the importance of worship at night has been stressed in Quran as well as in Hadith.

Allah says in the Surah al Duha:

“And by the night when it is still.”

Surah al Duha

This swearing of God by the night is a clear message that night is a specific time during which prayers are most loved by God because night is a time of rest and if a person is sacrificing his comfort for the sake of God, then God is the most merciful and kind towards his creations. He will grant him abundantly and will definitely forgive his sins. The Prophet of Allah, Muhammad (PBUH) has also emphasized the importance of night prayer. Holy Prophet(PBUH) himself used to offer Tahajjud prayer. 

In sahih Muslim, an authentic collection of Ahadith, it is narrated:

“The most valuable prayer except the obligatory prayers is the one offered by becoming awake after sleep at night.” 

Sahih Muslim

According to ahadith, this is the time when the wishes of believers are granted by God.

Timings of Tahajjud prayer                                         

Tahajjud prayer is performed in the following sequence:

1: First of all you must offer Isha Prayer. It is an obligatory prayer.

2: After isha prayers you must go to sleep for few hours.

3: Wake up and perform Wudu.

4: After wudu, offer tahajjud prayer.

5: You must offer witr after tahajjud prayer.

The method of Salat ul Tahajjud

Step 1:

The first step in offering Tahajjud prayer like all other prayers is to make an intention or Niyyah. In Niyyah you mention that you are going to offer Salat ul Tahjjud and how many rakkats are you going to offer. You will start with two rakkats.

Step 2:

After making an intention, you will start with reciting Subahanka. After this recite Surah Al fatiha and then any Surah from Quran that has three or more verses in it. You can follow the Sunnah of Prophet by reciting Surah Al Kafiroon in the first Rakat and Surah al Ikhlas in the second rakkat.

Step 3:

After reciting Surah from Quran, you will go into Ruku and say Subhana Rabi al Azeem for three times just like normal obligatory prayers. After this raise up from rukku saying Samiallah huliman hamidah, and on standing straight read Rabana walakal hamd.

Step 4:

After standing up from rukku, you will go into Sajda. Sajda means to prostrate. In two sajdas, say Subhana Rabiyal aalathree times.

Step 5:

After Sajda you will again stand up for the second rakkat and it will be offered in the similar pattern of first rakkat.

Step 6:

After the sajda of second rakat, you will sit up and recite tashhad and it is followed with Darood. After this you offer prayers for forgiveness.

Step 7:

Conclude your prayer with Tasleem i.e; Assalamo alaikum warahmat ullah.

Step 8:

After Tasleem, make Dua to God. It is time the time when your wishes are granted as confirmed from hadith.

Number of Rakkat in Salat al tahajjud

The minimum number of Rakkat in Tahajjud is two but you can read as many as you wish.

This was the exact answer to the question how to read namaz tahajjud. We hope it was helpful for you.

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