Khimar and Hijab? What exactly it is?

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Khimar is an Arabic word and its literal meaning is to cover. Khumar is a plural of Khimar.  According to various Arabic dictionaries, Khimar means something through which women cover their heads. You must have read this word in the Holy Quran. In Holy Quran, it has been mentioned in Surah Noor. In Quran, Allah says:

“And tell them to draw their coverings (Bi khumrihina) over their chests.”  

Al Quran

In Hadith, it is mentioned as something that was used by the Prophet as well as his companions for the sake of covering their heads. Men used turbans to cover their heads. These turbans are still used by many people and are popular among different cultures.

In Ibn e Majah, a collection of Hadith, there is a mention of word Khimar. One of the Hadith, the act of ablution is mentioned. In Isalm as you know that during ablution it is allowed to wipe over your turban and sock.

In Hadith it is narrated:

“The prophet of God wiped over his leather socks and his Khimar.”


It shows that it is something that covers your head. In addition to this, as it has been advised to muslim women in the Quran to draw the covering over your chests, so it is a long piece of cloth that covers you from head to elbow.

Difference between Hijab and Khimar

You must have heard and seen the muslim women using Hijab. Hijab is also used to cover head. The basic difference between Hijab and Khimar is in the length of the cloth. Hijab covers head and neck. It covers the area from head to shoulders. Khimer on the other hand covers the head and is wrapped up to the elbow. A hijab is like a head scarf. Both hijab and Khimar are popular among muslim women.

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