Which Pet is allowed in Islam?

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In Islam, animals are considered as worthy of compassion. Islam puts great emphasis on cleanliness. In many ahadith, you can find that certain animals have been prohibited to be kept in the house. The presence of such animals has been forbidden and there are some reasons behind it. Similarly, there are some permissible pets/pet in Islam, which are allowed and we’ll be discussing them here in this article.

Abu Hurairah, the companion of Prophet (PBUH) narrated that:

“Anyone who keeps a dog except for the purpose of guarding the field, house or herd, will lose out of his good deed equal to one Qirat every day.”

You must have seen that in many muslim households there is a tradition of keeping cats as a pet.

From various incidents from the life of the Prophet (PBUH) and hadith, we can learn that cat is allowed as a pet in Islam for Muslim households. The companion of Holy Prophet Abu Hurairah was called by this name because he had a kitten and the meaning of his name is “father of kitten”.  Abdullah bin Umar narrated that the Prophet of Allah said:

“A woman was tortured in hell because she kept her cat hungry till death.”

Cats do not make water or food Naajis

In islam cleanliness is considered as godliness. As you know, that Islam has clear concept regarding Halal and Haram. There are animals that make our food impure through their touch. Cats do not fall under that category. It is proven from the Hadith as well. If a cat eats or drinks from a vessel it does not make the food impure or Naajis. It is up to the owner of the cat, if he wants to use that food item, then there is no prohibition. But if there is a doubt that it may create harm, then it is better to avoid it.

In Sunan abu dawood, an incident is reported in which a woman brought some dish for Aisha (may God be pleased with her) and found that she was praying. Aisha (may God be pleased with her) signaled her to put it down. Meanwhile a cat came and ate some part of it. After finishing prayer, Aisha ate from where the cat had been eating. Aisha (R.A) said that the Prophet of God said:

“They are not impure.”

Aisha (R.A.) reported that she saw the Prophet of God doing wadu with water that was drunk by a cat, showing that cat as a pet in Islam is permissible.

Do you have a cat as a pet in your house? Do you treat your cat with love and kindness? I am sure you must be. As Muslims we must be very careful in this regard. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:

“Indeed there is a divine reward for kindness that is done to an animal.”

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