Austin Prayer Times 2021: Namaz And Salah Time

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On this page, you’ll get the Austin prayer times for all the obligatory prayers. You can have a look at the prayer chart and make sure that you perform your salah on time. It will help you in gaining the religious as well as social benefits. The performance of salah can create a feeling of unity in the Muslims. At the same time, namaz can provide a medium through which Muslims can contact Allah Almighty and establish a bond.

What are Five Prayer Times Austin TX?

The five prayer times in Austin TX are for the five obligatory prayers i.e. Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha. We have created a complete prayer time table for Austin prayer times, so you can get help from there. But make sure to confirm them once with your local masjid to be sure about the timings of your specific area. 

Prayer Times for the week:

Apart from the timings of salat for the entire week, the Austin prayer chart below also contains the time for the Jummah prayer. Find the Fridays in the chart below and the time under the Zuhr category is for the Jummah namaz in Austin Texas.

Namaz Time for the Month:

The following table provides you with the namaz time for the entire month. You can have a look at the monthly namaz schedule below to find the accurate time.

Prayer Time Table Austin

Apr 016:13 AM1:35PM5:07 PM7:50 PM8:57 PM
Apr 026:12 AM1:35PM5:07PM7:51 PM8:58 PM
Apr 036:11 AM1:34PM5:07PM7:51 PM8:58 PM
Apr 046:09 AM1:34PM5:07PM7:52 PM8:59 PM
Apr 056:08 AM1:34PM5:07PM7:53 PM9:00 PM
Apr 066:07 AM1:33PM5:07PM7:53 PM9:01 PM
Apr 076:06 AM1:33PM5:07PM7:54 PM9:01 PM
Apr 086:04 AM1:33PM5:07PM7:55 PM9:02 PM
Apr 096:03 AM1:33PM5:07PM7:55 PM9:03 PM
Apr 106:02 AM1:32PM5:07PM7:56 PM9:04 PM
Apr 116:00 AM1:32PM5:07PM7:56 PM9:04 PM
Apr 125:59 AM1:32PM5:06PM7:57 PM9:05 PM
Apr 135:58 AM1:32PM5:06PM7:58 PM9:06 PM
Apr 145:57 AM1:31PM5:06PM7:58 PM9:07 PM
Apr 155:55 AM1:31PM5:06PM7:59 PM9:07 PM
Apr 165:54 AM1:31PM5:06PM8:00 PM9:08 PM
Apr 175:53 AM1:31PM5:06PM8:00 PM9:09 PM
Apr 185:52 AM1:30PM5:06PM8:01 PM9:10 PM
Apr 195:50 AM1:30PM5:06PM8:01 PM9:11 PM
Apr 205:49 AM1:30PM5:06PM8:02 PM9:11 PM
Apr 215:48 AM1:30PM5:06PM8:03 PM9:12 PM
Apr 225:47 AM1:30PM5:06PM8:03 PM9:13 PM
Apr 235:46 AM1:29PM5:06PM8:04 PM9:14 PM
Apr 245:44 AM1:29PM5:06PM8:05 PM9:15 PM
Apr 255:43 AM1:29PM5:06PM8:05 PM9:16 PM
Apr 265:42 AM1:29PM5:06PM8:06 PM9:16 PM
Apr 275:41 AM1:29PM5:06PM8:07 PM9:17 PM
Apr 285:40 AM1:29PM5:05PM8:07 PM9:18 PM
Apr 295:39 AM1:28PM5:05PM8:08 PM9:19 PM
Apr 305:38 AM1:28PM5:05PM8:09 PM9:20 PM

Why is it important to perform every namaz on time?

If this is amongst one of the questions circulating in your mind too, then you can satisfy your mind by providing a compelling logic to it. And that logic is Allah Almighty wants you to remember Him and refresh the promise of obedience and allegiance at different times of the day. It will help you in keeping your focus towards Allah for each of your needs.

Prayer times today for the other cities of United States:

Here are some of the other cities of United States for which the namaz time is available.

SeattleNew York