Prayer Times in Boston 2021 – Daily Namaz Time:

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In order to help you with finding the exact prayer time Boston (MA), we have created this specific page for you. You cannot only find the accurate namaz time in Boston. But can also get the weekly and monthly prayer schedule at your disposal. With the help of this prayer schedule, you can expect to plan all your other tasks in accordance with the prayer timing Boston MA.

Salah Time Boston:

You can find the same salah or namaz time in and around Boston. To know the exact time for each of the prayers i.e. fajr, zuhr, asr, maghrib and isha, you can consult the chart provided below.

Today’s Salah Time Boston MA:

The prayer times are updated automatically on this website, so you can get to know the exact timing for a specific day through this chart. If you need to have this chart in hand to know the timetable for each day, then you can get a print of it. Or the easier solution is that you can keep visiting this website and get the latest timing for the prayers.

Jummah Prayer Time Boston MA:

The Jummah Prayer is the most important prayer of the entire week. You are advised to take special care of this prayer and be on time for performing it. As it is vital to know the exact time for Jummah prayer too, so we have highlighted the prayer time in Boston.

Weekly Namaz Time:

You can also find the namaz time in Boston MA for the entire week on this page. Having the namaz schedule for the entire week in the view, you can find the difference in the timing for each of the prayers across the week. This will help you in setting up a routine.

Monthly Salah Time:

The monthly salah time can also be found on this page. You can see the monthly prayer charts for the upcoming months to come. Just select the month for which you want the chart to appear and you’ll see the relevant timings right away.

Namaz is one of the five pillars of Islam and you are required to take out time to perform this pillar five times in a day. All the prayers are to be performed at a specific time. So, make sure that you know the exact time for each of the prayers.

If you are traveling to any other city of the United States. Or are interested to know the prayer timings of the city other than Boston. Then you can find your city from the chart below and get accurate salah timings for the other cities of the United States. 

Mar 014:57 AM11:5615:0317:5218:46
Mar 024:55 AM11:5615:0417:5318:47
Mar 034:54 AM11:5615:0417:5418:48
Mar 044:52 AM11:5615:0517:5518:50
Mar 054:50 AM11:5615:0617:5718:51
Mar 064:49 AM11:5515:0717:5818:52
Mar 074:47 AM11:5515:0817:5918:53
Mar 084:45 AM11:5515:0818:0018:54
Mar 094:44 AM11:5515:0918:0118:55
Mar 104:42 AM11:5415:1018:0218:57
Mar 114:40 AM11:5415:1018:0418:58
Mar 124:38 AM11:5415:1118:0518:59
Mar 134:37 AM11:5415:1218:0619:00
Mar 144:35 AM11:5315:1218:0719:01
Mar 155:33 AM12:5316:1319:0820:03
Mar 165:31 AM12:5316:1419:0920:04
Mar 175:30 AM12:5216:1419:1120:05
Mar 185:28 AM12:5216:1519:1220:06
Mar 195:26 AM12:5216:1619:1320:08
Mar 205:24 AM12:5216:1619:1420:09
Mar 215:22 AM12:5116:1719:1520:10
Mar 225:20 AM12:5116:1719:1620:11
Mar 235:18 AM12:5116:1819:1720:13
Mar 245:17 AM12:5016:1919:1920:14
Mar 255:15 AM12:5016:1919:2020:15
Mar 265:13 AM12:5016:2019:2120:16
Mar 275:11 AM12:4916:2019:2220:18
Mar 285:09 AM12:4916:2119:2320:19
Mar 295:07 AM12:4916:2119:2420:20
Mar 305:05 AM12:4916:2219:2520:21

Prayer times today for the other cities of United States:

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