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Accurate Namaz Time Chicago 2020

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Performing Salah is one of the most important pillars in Islam and as a Muslim you are expected to be ready for the namaz on the accurate timings. The prayer times in Chicago or any other location of the world are based on the movement of sun. You don’t have to observe the movement and accurate time for prayer yourself rather prayer timetables are available, which help people living in different areas to find the exact time for their next salah. If you are living in Chicago Illinois, then you’ll find the prayer time for Chicago here in this article. 

Fajr Time Chicago:

The time for the fajr salat is before the sunset. You need to make sure that you get up on time and perform your salah. As it is the first prayer of the day and is the shortest one. To find the exact fajr time Chicago, see the prayer timetable below. 

Zuhr Time Chicago:

Zuhr is the second prayer of the day that needs to be performed approximately when the sun is at its peak. You can see today’s time in the namaz chart attached below. Moreover, you’ll also be able to find the monthly time for your namaz. Find the time in accordance with your fiqh by just making a few clicks in this regard. 

Asr Time Chicago:

Asr is the third and the middle namaz of the day. Holy Prophet (PBUH) has ordered Muslims to take special care of this prayer and perform this salah on time. The salat time Chicago for today can be found in the chart below.

Maghrib Time Chicago:

The Maghrib salat time in Chicago is after the sunset. To know the exact time of the sunset and the salah time, you can have a look at the prayer chart below. With the help of the prayer chart, you’ll be able to perform your salah on time.

Isha Time Chicago:

The prayer time in Chicago for Isha prayer can be confirmed using the prayer chart below. It is the last obligatory prayer for the day and is the longest one too. Additionally, the time available for performing this salat is quite long, so you can wind up your worldly tasks and perform your salah with devotion.

Weekly and Monthly Prayer Times:

Apart from the daily timings for each of the prayers in Chicago Illinois, you can find the weekly and monthly prayer timings from the chart too. This will make it easier to find the accurate namaz time for Chicago. 

We hope that these prayer times for Chicago Illinois would help you in being on time for each of your prayers. May Allah Almighty accept your prayers and reward you in the best possible manner.

In case you have any question regarding prayer times Chicago IL, feel free to get in touch with us for clarification, we’ll be more than willing to help you in any possible way.

Muslim Prayer Chart Chicago

Aug 014:13 AM12:57 PM4:53 PM8:08 PM9:39 PM
Aug 024:15 AM12:57 PM4:53 PM8:07 PM9:38 PM
Aug 034:16 AM12:57 PM4:52 PM8:06 PM9:36 PM
Aug 044:18 AM12:57 PM4:52 PM8:05 PM9:35 PM
Aug 054:19 AM12:56 PM4:51 PM8:04 PM9:33 PM
Aug 064:21 AM12:56 PM4:51 PM8:02 PM9:31 PM
Aug 074:22 AM12:56 PM4:50 PM8:01 PM9:30 PM
Aug 084:23 AM12:56 PM4:50 PM8:00 PM9:28 PM
Aug 094:25 AM12:56 PM4:49 PM7:58 PM9:26 PM
Aug 104:26 AM12:56 PM4:49 PM7:57 PM9:24 PM
Aug 114:28 AM12:56 PM4:48 PM7:56 PM9:23 PM
Aug 124:29 AM12:55 PM4:47 PM7:54 PM9:21 PM
Aug 134:31 AM12:55 PM4:47 PM7:53 PM9:19 PM
Aug 144:32 AM12:55 PM4:46 PM7:51 PM9:17 PM
Aug 154:33 AM12:55 PM4:45 PM7:50 PM9:16 PM
Aug 164:35 AM12:55 PM4:45 PM7:49 PM9:14 PM
Aug 174:36 AM12:54 PM4:44 PM7:47 PM9:12 PM
Aug 184:38 AM12:54 PM4:43 PM7:46 PM9:10 PM
Aug 194:39 AM12:54 PM4:42 PM7:44 PM9:08 PM
Aug 204:40 AM12:54 PM4:42 PM7:42 PM9:06 PM
Aug 214:42 AM12:53 PM4:41 PM7:41 PM9:04 PM
Aug 224:43 AM12:53 PM4:40 PM7:39 PM9:03 PM
Aug 234:44 AM12:53 PM4:39 PM7:38 PM9:01 PM
Aug 244:46 AM12:53 PM4:38 PM7:36 PM8:59 PM
Aug 254:47 AM12:52 PM4:38 PM7:35 PM8:57 PM
Aug 264:48 AM12:52 PM4:37 PM7:33 PM8:55 PM
Aug 274:50 AM12:52 PM4:36 PM7:31 PM8:53 PM
Aug 284:51 AM12:52 PM4:35 PM7:30 PM8:51 PM
Aug 294:52 AM12:51 PM4:34 PM7:28 PM8:49 PM
Aug 304:54 AM12:51 PM4:33 PM7:26 PM8:47 PM
Aug 314:55 AM12:51 PM4:32 PM7:25 PM8:45 PM

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