Prayer Times Dallas: With Complete Prayer Chart:

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Are you looking for the prayer chart or prayer times in Dallas? Then your search ends here. On this website, you’ll not only find the prayer times Dallas but you’ll also find the namaz time for the other cities of the United States as well. Let’s have a look at the different formats of salat timings that you can get on this page for Dallas.

Daily Prayer Times in Dallas:

The daily prayer times in Dallas Texas are presented in the chart below. The time for fajr prayer is before the sunrise; zuhr is performed at midday. Asr is the middle prayer of the day, which has been highly emphasized. Similarly, Maghrib is performed after the sunset and Isha is the night prayer that Muslims perform. You can have a look at all the namaz times and make sure to perform each of them on time.

Monthly Salah Time in Dallas:

The monthly prayer times in Dallas Tx are available in the prayer chart below. You can select the specific sect for which you want to know the namaz time to get the prayer times that you need for the entire month. 

Namaz Time in Dallas Texas

Jan 016:17 AM12:31 PM3:14 PM5:32 PM6:45 PM
Jan 026:17 AM12:31 PM3:14 PM5:33 PM6:46 PM
Jan 036:18 AM12:32 PM3:15 PM5:33 PM6:46 PM
Jan 046:18 AM12:32 PM3:16 PM5:34 PM6:47 PM
Jan 056:18 AM12:33 PM3:16 PM5:35 PM6:48 PM
Jan 066:18 AM12:33 PM3:17 PM5:36 PM6:49 PM
Jan 076:18 AM12:34 PM3:18 PM5:37 PM6:49 PM
Jan 86:18 AM12:34 PM3:19 PM5:38 PM6:50 PM
Jan 96:18 AM12:35 PM3:20 PM5:38 PM6:51 PM
Jan 106:18 AM12:35 PM3:20 PM5:39 PM6:52 PM
Jan 116:18 AM12:35 PM3:21 PM5:40 PM6:53 PM
Jan 126:18 AM12:36 PM3:22 PM5:41 PM6:53 PM
Jan 136:18 AM12:36 PM3:23 PM5:42 PM6:54 PM
Jan 146:18 AM12:36 PM3:24 PM5:43 PM6:55 PM
Jan 156:18 AM12:37 PM3:24 PM5:44 PM6:56 PM
Jan 166:18 AM12:37 PM3:25 PM5:45 PM6:57 PM
Jan 176:18 AM12:37 PM3:26 PM5:46 PM6:57 PM
Jan 186:18 AM12:38 PM3:27 PM5:47 PM6:58 PM
Jan 196:17 AM12:38 PM3:28 PM5:48 PM6:59 PM
Jan 206:17 AM12:38 PM3:29 PM5:48 PM7:00 PM
Jan 216:17 AM12:39 PM3:29 PM5:49 PM7:01 PM
Jan 226:17 AM12:39 PM3:30 PM5:50 PM7:02 PM
Jan 236:16 AM12:39 PM3:31 PM5:51 PM7:02 PM
Jan 246:16 AM12:39 PM3:32 PM5:52 PM7:03 PM
Jan 256:16 AM12:40 PM3:33 PM5:53 PM7:04 PM
Jan 266:15 AM12:40 PM3:33 PM5:54 PM7:05 PM
Jan 276:15 AM12:40 PM3:34 PM5:55 PM7:06 PM
Jan 286:14 AM12:40 PM3:35 PM5:56 PM7:07 PM
Jan 296:14 AM12:40 PM3:36 PM5:57 PM7:07 PM
Jan 306:13 AM12:41 PM3:37 PM5:58 PM7:08 PM
Jan 316:13 AM12:41 PM3:37 PM5:59 PM7:09 PM

With all these salat times for Dallas available with you, we hope that you’ll pray all your namaz on time and get the benefits of the World and Thereafter.

Prayer Times for the other cities of US

Here are the Muslim prayer times for the other cities of United States.

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