Prayer Times Denver – Complete Salat and Namaz Time

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In order to provide you with the greatest ease to ensure the performance of namaz on time, we are bringing the complete namaz schedule consisting of prayer times Denver. You can consult the chart below to get the accurate times for all the salah. Let’s take a deeper look into different formats of chart that are available to you. 

Daily Prayer Times Denver Colorado:

The daily prayer times Denver are presented in the chart below. You can get today’s time for all the salahs in this chart below.

Weekly Namaz Time:

The chart below contains the prayer timings for all the other prayers including Jummah prayer. Keep an account of this time and make sure to check it once from the masjid near you to be sure about it. 

Monthly Muslim Prayer Times Denver Co:

The monthly namaz time for Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha are in the chart below. You can print this chart to keep it accessible for everyone at your home. It will help you and your family members in performing all the salat on time for the entire month. 

Prayer Timetable Denver

Jan 016:01 AM12:04 PM2:29 PM4:47 PM6:07 PM
Jan 026:01 AM12:04 PM2:29 PM4:47 PM6:08 PM
Jan 036:01 AM12:05 PM2:30 PM4:48 PM6:09 PM
Jan 046:01 AM12:05 PM2:31 PM4:49 PM6:10 PM
Jan 056:01 AM12:06 PM2:32 PM4:50 PM6:10 PM
Jan 066:01 AM12:06 PM2:33 PM4:51 PM6:11 PM
Jan 076:01 AM12:07 PM2:34 PM4:52 PM6:12 PM
Jan 086:01 AM12:07 PM2:34 PM4:53 PM6:13 PM
Jan 096:01 AM12:07 PM2:35 PM4:54 PM6:14 PM
Jan 106:01 AM12:08 PM2:36 PM4:55 PM6:15 PM
Jan 116:01 AM12:08 PM2:37 PM4:56 PM6:16 PM
Jan 126:01 AM12:09 PM2:38 PM4:57 PM6:17 PM
Jan 136:01 AM12:09 PM2:39 PM4:58 PM6:17 PM
Jan 146:00 AM12:09 PM2:40 PM4:59 PM6:18 PM
Jan 156:00 AM12:10 PM2:41 PM5:00 PM6:19 PM
Jan 166:00 AM12:10 PM2:42 PM5:01 PM6:20 PM
Jan 176:00 AM12:10 PM2:43 PM5:03 PM6:21 PM
Jan 185:59 AM12:11 PM2:44 PM5:04 PM6:22 PM
Jan 195:59 AM12:11 PM2:45 PM5:05 PM6:23 PM
Jan 205:58 AM12:11 PM2:46 PM5:06 PM6:24 PM
Jan 215:58 AM12:11 PM2:47 PM5:07 PM6:25 PM
Jan 225:57 AM12:12 PM2:48 PM5:08 PM6:26 PM
Jan 235:57 AM12:12 PM2:49 PM5:09 PM6:27 PM
Jan 245:56 AM12:12 PM2:50 PM5:11 PM6:28 PM
Jan 255:56 AM12:12 PM2:51 PM5:12 PM6:29 PM
Jan 265:55 AM12:13 PM2:52 PM5:13 PM6:30 PM
Jan 275:55 AM12:13 PM2:53 PM5:14 PM6:32 PM
Jan 285:54 AM12:13 PM2:54 PM5:15 PM6:33 PM
Jan 295:53 AM12:13 PM2:55 PM5:17 PM6:34 PM
Jan 305:53 AM12:13 PM2:56 PM5:18 PM6:35 PM
Jan 315:52 AM12:13 PM2:57 PM5:19 PM6:36 PM

Prayer times today for the other cities of United States:

Here are the timings for namaz for the other cities of the United States. Find yours’: