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Prayer Times Houston – Prayer Timetable for the entire month

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Are you living in Houston and want to perform your salah on accurate time? If you have answered yes to both of these questions, then this article is going to be of great help for you. We are sharing the Houston Prayer times here. You can follow the timing and make sure that you perform each of your prayers in Houston Texas on time. 

Today’s Prayer Times Houston Texas:

This prayer chart shows the salat time houston for today. Have a look at the prayer chart below to find the exact time for Houston.

Weekly Houston (Texas) Prayer Times:

Do you want to keep a schedule of the weekly namaz time in Houston? You can follow the chart below as it provides the fajr time, zuhr time, asr time, maghrib time and isha time for muslims for the entire week. You can schedule your other tasks accordingly and make sure that you won’t miss a prayer. 

Friday Namaz Time Houston:

No doubt, each of the prayers is important and must be performed with full dedication. However, the importance that Islam has given to the Friday prayers is unmatched. You are expected to leave all your worldly activities and present your allegiance to Allah Almighty. So, in order to know the exact time for the Friday Islamic prayer time in Houston, the below chart can be helpful. 

Monthly Muslim Prayer Time Houston:

Do you need to have a look at the Monthly prayer times Houston tx? The Muslim prayer timetable below highlights the fajr time Houston, zuhr time, asr Houston time, maghrib time and isha

Sep 015:52 AM1:21 PM4:55 PM7:43 PM8:50 PM
Sep 025:52 AM1:21 PM4:54 PM7:42 PM8:49 PM
Sep 035:53 AM1:21 PM4:54 PM7:41 PM8:48 PM
Sep 045:54 AM1:20 PM4:53 PM7:39 PM8:46 PM
Sep 055:54 AM1:20 PM4:53 PM7:38 PM8:45 PM
Sep 065:55 AM1:20 PM4:52 PM7:37 PM8:44 PM
Sep 075:55 AM1:19 PM4:51 PM7:36 PM8:42 PM
Sep 085:56 AM1:19 PM4:51 PM7:35 PM8:41 PM
Sep 095:57 AM1:19 PM4:50 PM7:33 PM8:40 PM
Sep 105:57 AM1:18 PM4:49 PM7:32 PM8:38 PM
Sep 115:58 AM1:18 PM4:49 PM7:31 PM8:37 PM
Sep 125:59 AM1:17 PM4:48 PM7:30 PM8:36 PM
Sep 135:59 AM1:17 PM4:47 PM7:28 PM8:35 PM
Sep 146:00 AM1:17 PM4:47 PM7:27 PM8:33 PM
Sep 156:00 AM1:16 PM4:46 PM7:26 PM8:32 PM
Sep 166:01 AM1:16 PM4:45 PM7:25 PM8:31 PM
Sep 176:02 AM1:16 PM4:45 PM7:23 PM8:29 PM
Sep 186:02 AM1:15 PM4:44 PM7:22 PM8:28 PM
Sep 196:03 AM1:15 PM4:43 PM7:21 PM8:27 PM
Sep 206:03 AM1:15 PM4:42 PM7:20 PM8:25 PM
Sep 216:04 AM1:14 PM4:42 PM7:18 PM8:24 PM
Sep 226:05 AM1:14 PM4:41 PM7:17 PM8:23 PM
Sep 236:05 AM1:14 PM4:40 PM7:16 PM8:21 PM
Sep 246:06 AM1:13 PM4:39 PM7:15 PM8:20 PM
Sep 256:06 AM1:13 PM4:39 PM7:14 PM8:19 PM
Sep 266:07 AM1:13 PM4:38 PM7:12 PM8:18 PM
Sep 276:07 AM1:12 PM4:37 PM7:11 PM8:16 PM
Sep 286:08 AM1:12 PM4:36 PM7:10 PM8:15 PM
Sep 296:09 AM1:12 PM4:36 PM7:09 PM8:14 PM
Sep 306:09 AM1:11 PM4:35 PM7:07 PM8:13 PM

Islamic Prayer times for areas around Houston:

If you are living around Houston, then you might have to adjust all of the prayer timings a bit to suit your locality. You can always look for the specific area name in the search bar or else adjust the timings according to the difference between your area and Houston.  

Download the Islamic Prayer Chart:

If you need to download the namaz time for Houston, then you can click on the download button above and get your own chart. You can place it at the most accessible place in your home. Otherwise, visiting our website can be the easier solution as we update the prayer times according to the sunrise and sunset time. So, you can just visit Gratified Muslim and find the accurate prayer times.

Similarly, you can navigate our website for Ramadan calendar and Islamic events coming up in the months to come. 

Prayer Timings in other cities:

In order to find the Muslim prayer times for the other cities of United States, you can search the website with your specific location and get the accurate salah time available to you within seconds.

Prayer times today for the other cities of United States:

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