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Prayer Times Miami: Get the complete prayer chart for 2021

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For the residents of Miami, the complete Islamic prayer times Miami are available here on this page. You’ll get the complete chart for Miami Florida, so get the maximum out of this opportunity and perform your salah on time. 

Fajar in Miami:

The time for the fajr prayer in Miami Florida is before the sun rises. To know the exact time for this namaz can be seen in the prayer time chart mentioned below.

Zuhr namaz time:

The  Zuhr time is slightly after midday. But when should you perform your salah? For that, we have provided the complete timing chart for your ease. You can get the daily Muslim prayer time in Miami fl from the chart below.

Asr Prayer Miami:

The third obligatory Islamic prayer is of Asr. To perform it in Florida Miami, you can find the accurate time from the chart below.

Maghrib in Miami:

The Maghrib time is performed after the sunset. In order to find the right time for prayer in Miami Fl, the following chart can be helpful.

Isha namaz time Miami:

Isha prayer times Miami is the night salat in Islam. It is also the longest salah of the entire day. You can find the Isha time for today through the chart below.

Monthly Prayer Chart:

Jan 016:00 AM12:25 PM3:22 PM5:42 PM6:49 PM
Jan 026:00 AM12:25 PM3:23 PM5:42 PM6:50 PM
Jan 036:00 AM12:25 PM3:23 PM5:43 PM6:51 PM
Jan 046:01 AM12:26 PM3:24 PM5:44 PM6:51 PM
Jan 056:01 AM12:26 PM3:25 PM5:44 PM6:52 PM
Jan 066:01 AM12:27 PM3:25 PM5:45 PM6:53 PM
Jan 076:01 AM12:27 PM3:26 PM5:46 PM6:53 PM
Jan 086:01 AM12:28 PM3:27 PM5:47 PM6:54 PM
Jan 096:02 AM12:28 PM3:27 PM5:47 PM6:55 PM
Jan 106:02 AM12:28 PM3:28 PM5:48 PM6:55 PM
Jan 116:02 AM12:29 PM3:29 PM5:49 PM6:56 PM
Jan 126:02 AM12:29 PM3:29 PM5:50 PM6:57 PM
Jan 136:02 AM12:30 PM3:30 PM5:50 PM6:57 PM
Jan 146:02 AM12:30 PM3:31 PM5:51 PM6:58 PM
Jan 156:02 AM12:30 PM3:31 PM5:52 PM6:59 PM
Jan 166:02 AM12:31 PM3:32 PM5:53 PM6:59 PM
Jan 176:02 AM12:31 PM3:33 PM5:53 PM7:00 PM
Jan 186:02 AM12:31 PM3:33 PM5:54 PM7:01 PM
Jan 196:02 AM12:32 PM3:34 PM5:55 PM7:01 PM
Jan 206:02 AM12:32 PM3:35 PM5:56 PM7:02 PM
Jan 216:02 AM12:32 PM3:35 PM5:56 PM7:03 PM
Jan 226:02 AM12:32 PM3:36 PM5:57 PM7:03 PM
Jan 236:02 AM12:33 PM3:37 PM5:58 PM7:04 PM
Jan 246:01 AM12:33 PM3:37 PM5:59 PM7:05 PM
Jan 256:01 AM12:33 PM3:38 PM6:00 PM7:05 PM
Jan 266:01 AM12:33 PM3:39 PM6:00 PM7:06 PM
Jan 276:01 AM12:34 PM3:39 PM6:01 PM7:07 PM
Jan 286:00 AM12:34 PM3:40 PM6:02 PM7:07 PM
Jan 296:00 AM12:34 PM3:41 PM6:03 PM7:08 PM
Jan 306:00 AM12:34 PM3:41 PM6:03 PM7:09 PM
Jan 315:59 AM12:34 PM3:42 PM6:04 PM7:09 PM

Make sure to look for your local time before every prayer so that you can pray all your namaz on time.      

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