Prayer Times Newark in 2021: Salah, Namaz Time for Today:

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Each namaz is to be performed at a certain time. This time is based on various factors. These include the position of sun being the most obvious and the easiest one to calculate. However, it is not the only factor. The altitude of an individual, the altitude of the overall area, obstacles in between the sun and the individual and other such factors have a great impact on the time of each prayer. In this page, we’ll be covering the specific prayer times Newark. So that the residents of Newark can get the right time to perform their prayers. 

Today’s Prayer Times Newark NJ:

For all of the five obligatory prayers of the day i.e. fajar, zuhr, asr, maghrib and Isha, the timing for the residents of Newark has been highlighted in the chart below. 

Weekly Prayer Time:

The time for all the prayers in Newark for the entire week is provided in the following table. Apart from the regular timings, the prayer times for Jummah prayer are also present. You can reconfirm the time for Jummah prayer beforehand to be on time. 

Monthly Prayer Time in Newark:

The monthly prayer time in Newark NJ can be seen in the prayer chart below. It highlights the accurate namaz time for you. You can follow it precisely and make sure to perform your salah on time.

If you need a hard copy of the monthly prayer time table for Newark, then you can get a print of this chart. We’ll advise you to put it at a place where everyone at your home can access it timely and perform each of the salah at the right time.

Each of the prayers of the day has its own importance. As a Muslim you are required to perform each of it. With this prayer time schedule, we hope that you’ll be able to work on your routine and keep all your other tasks scheduled before or after namaz. Let’s try our best to establish a routine where performing salah would be our first priority. 

Mar 015:17 AM12:0915:1717:4719:01
Mar 025:14 AM12:0915:1817:4919:04
Mar 035:12 AM12:0915:1917:5119:05
Mar 045:11 AM12:0815:2017:5219:06
Mar 055:09 AM12:0815:2017:5319:07
Mar 065:07 AM12:0815:2117:5419:08
Mar 075:06 AM12:0815:2217:5519:09
Mar 085:04 AM12:0715:2217:5619:11
Mar 095:03 AM12:0715:2317:5719:12
Mar 105:01 AM12:0715:2417:5819:13
Mar 114:59 AM12:0715:2417:5919:14
Mar 124:58 AM12:0615:2518:0119:15
Mar 134:56 AM12:0615:2618:0219:16
Mar 145:54 AM13:0616:2619:0319:17
Mar 155:53 AM13:0616:2719:0420:18
Mar 165:51 AM13:0516:2719:0520:20
Mar 175:49 AM13:0516:2819:0620:21
Mar 185:48 AM13:0516:2819:0720:22
Mar 195:46 AM13:0416:2919:0820:23
Mar 205:44 AM13:0416:3019:0920:24
Mar 215:42 AM13:0416:3019:1020:25
Mar 225:41 AM13:0316:3119:1120:26
Mar 235:39 AM13:0316:3119:1220:28
Mar 245:37 AM13:0316:3219:1320:29
Mar 255:35 AM13:0316:3219:1520:30
Mar 265:33 AM13:0216:3319:1620:31
Mar 275:32 AM13:0216:3319:1720:32
Mar 285:30 AM13:0216:3319:1820:34
Mar 295:28 AM13:0116:3419:1920:35
Mar 305:26 AM13:0116:3419:2020:36

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