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Prayer Times Philadelphia: Exact Namaz Time for the month:

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If you have been struggling to perform your five salats on time, then one of the reasons behind it could be the lack of availability of accurate prayer times. If that is the case, then we are providing you with an opportunity to get all the prayer times Philadelphia with you. This will help you in ensuring that you perform your namaz on time daily.

Fajr Islamic Prayer Philly:

The fajr prayer in Philadelphia is performed at dawn, like every other location. However, the time for fajr in Philia could be different from the other locations. You can find the exact time for the namaz in the chart that we have shared below. 

Zuhr Namaz Philadelphia PA:

The prayer time for Zuhr is at noon. This is the second prayer that muslims perform daily. To know the accurate time for this salat, you can see the prayer timetable below. 

Asr Prayer Times in Philadelphia (Philia):

The asr namaz is the third namaz of the day, which is to be performed before the evening. In Philadelphia, the prayer time for Asr is around 6 o’clock. You can get to know the accurate salat time in the same chart. 

Maghrib Islamic Prayer Times Philly PA:

This salat is performed at dusk. Usually, the time for this Muslim prayer is quite limited and you are expected to perform it on the right time. With this requirement from Islamic point of view, the need for accurate Philia prayer times gets highly important. Isn’t it?

Isha Muslim prayer Time Philadelphia PA:

The last obligatory prayer in Islam is Isha. Apart from being the last one, it is the longest prayer of the day. Usually, there is plenty of time available to perform this namaz. However, you’ll have to know the exact starting namaz time in Philadelphia to perform it. And we’ll be providing you with the exact timing through the prayer timetable present below.

Prayer Time Table Philadelphia

Jul 013:59 AM1:05 PM5:03 PM8:33 PM10:10 PM
Jul 024:00 AM1:05 PM5:03 PM8:33 PM10:10 PM
Jul 034:01 AM1:05 PM5:03 PM8:33 PM10:09 PM
Jul 044:01 AM1:05 PM5:03 PM8:33 PM10:09 PM
Jul 054:02 AM1:05 PM5:03 PM8:32 PM10:08 PM
Jul 064:03 AM1:06 PM5:04 PM8:32 PM10:08 PM
Jul 074:04 AM1:06 PM5:04 PM8:32 PM10:07 PM
Jul 084:05 AM1:06 PM5:04 PM8:31 PM10:07 PM
Jul 94:06 AM1:06 PM5:04 PM8:31 PM10:06 PM
Jul 104:07 AM1:06 PM5:04 PM8:31 PM10:05 PM
Jul 114:08 AM1:06 PM5:04 PM8:30 PM10:04 PM
Jul 124:09 AM1:06 PM5:04 PM8:30 PM10:04 PM
Jul 134:10 AM1:07 PM5:04 PM8:29 PM10:03 PM
Jul 144:11 AM1:07 PM5:04 PM8:29 PM10:02 PM
Jul 154:12 AM1:07 PM5:04 PM8:28 PM10:01 PM
Jul 164:13 AM1:07 PM5:04 PM8:27 PM10:00 PM
Jul 174:14 AM1:07 PM5:04 PM8:27 PM9:59 PM
Jul 184:15 AM1:07 PM5:03 PM8:26 PM9:58 PM
Jul 194:16 AM1:07 PM5:03 PM8:25 PM9:57 PM
Jul 204:18 AM1:07 PM5:03 PM8:25 PM9:56 PM
Jul 214:19 AM1:07 PM5:03 PM8:24 PM9:55 PM
Jul 224:20 AM1:07 PM5:03 PM8:23 PM9:54 PM
Jul 234:21 AM1:07 PM5:03 PM8:22 PM9:53 PM
Jul 244:22 AM1:07 PM5:03 PM8:21 PM9:51 PM
Jul 254:24 AM1:07 PM5:02 PM8:21 PM9:50 PM
Jul 264:25 AM1:07 PM5:02 PM8:20 PM9:49 PM
Jul 274:26 AM1:07 PM5:02 PM8:19 PM9:48 PM
Jul 284:27 AM1:07 PM5:02 PM8:18 PM9:46 PM
Jul 294:29 AM1:07 PM5:01 PM8:17 PM9:45 PM
Jul 304:30 AM1:07 PM5:01 PM8:16 PM9:44 PM
Jul 314:31 AM1:07 PM5:01 PM8:15 PM9:42 PM

Prayer times today for the other cities of United States: