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Prayer Times San Jose: Get the accurate namaz time for 2021:

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Salat or Namaz is one of the pillars of Islam without which the completion of the Muslim faith is not possible. In order to perform prayer on time, you must be looking for the accurate timings for each of the five prayers of the day. On this page, you’ll be finding the prayer times in San Jose for Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha.

Fajar Prayer Time San Jose:

As Fajr prayer is performed before the sunrise, so the time of rise of sun is most important while determining the exact time for the namaz. But you don’t have to go into such complications as we are sharing the complete prayer chart for you. You can have a look at it and perform your namaz accordingly.

Zuhr Prayer Time:

The namaz time for Zuhr is around midday. To get it exactly right, you can look into the namaz chart San Jose provided below.

Asr Namaz Time:

In the evening, Allah Almighty has instructed Muslims to pray Asr. For that, you need to know the timings for the prayer and it is available below. 

Maghrib Time San Jose:

Namaz e Maghrib is performed after the sunset. To find the exact Maghrib Time San Jose, you would have to look into the chart below.

Isha Salat Time:

For the residents of San Jose, we have highlighted the Isha Salat time in the prayer chart below for your ease. You can find the timing for each day from the chart and perform your obligatory prayers on time. 

Monthly Prayer Chart San Jose

Jan 016:04 AM12:11 PM2:43 PM5:01 PM6:19 PM
Jan 026:05 AM12:12 PM2:44 PM5:02 PM6:20 PM
Jan 036:05 AM12:12 PM2:45 PM5:03 PM6:20 PM
Jan 046:05 AM12:13 PM2:45 PM5:04 PM6:21 PM
Jan 056:05 AM12:13 PM2:46 PM5:05 PM6:22 PM
Jan 066:05 AM12:14 PM2:47 PM5:06 PM6:23 PM
Jan 076:05 AM12:14 PM2:48 PM5:06 PM6:23 PM
Jan 086:05 AM12:15 PM2:49 PM5:07 PM6:24 PM
Jan 096:05 AM12:15 PM2:50 PM5:08 PM6:25 PM
Jan 106:05 AM12:15 PM2:50 PM5:09 PM6:26 PM
Jan 116:05 AM12:16 PM2:51 PM5:10 PM6:27 PM
Jan 126:05 AM12:16 PM2:52 PM5:11 PM6:28 PM
Jan 136:05 AM12:17 PM2:53 PM5:12 PM6:29 PM
Jan 146:05 AM12:17 PM2:54 PM5:13 PM6:30 PM
Jan 156:04 AM12:17 PM2:55 PM5:14 PM6:30 PM
Jan 166:04 AM12:18 PM2:56 PM5:15 PM6:31 PM
Jan 176:04 AM12:18 PM2:57 PM5:16 PM6:32 PM
Jan 186:04 AM12:18 PM2:58 PM5:17 PM6:33 PM
Jan 196:03 AM12:19 PM2:59 PM5:18 PM6:34 PM
Jan 206:03 AM12:19 PM3:00 PM5:20 PM6:35 PM
Jan 216:03 AM12:19 PM3:01 PM5:21 PM6:36 PM
Jan 226:02 AM12:19 PM3:01 PM5:22 PM6:37 PM
Jan 236:02 AM12:20 PM3:02 PM5:23 PM6:38 PM
Jan 246:01 AM12:20 PM3:03 PM5:24 PM6:39 PM
Jan 256:01 AM12:20 PM3:04 PM5:25 PM6:40 PM
Jan 266:00 AM12:20 PM3:05 PM5:26 PM6:41 PM
Jan 276:00 AM12:21 PM3:06 PM5:27 PM6:42 PM
Jan 285:59 AM12:21 PM3:07 PM5:28 PM6:43 PM
Jan 295:58 AM12:21 PM3:08 PM5:29 PM6:44 PM
Jan 305:58 AM12:21 PM3:09 PM5:30 PM6:45 PM
Jan 315:57 AM12:21 PM3:10 PM5:32 PM6:46 PM

Prayer times for the other cities of United States:

Here are some of the other cities of United States for which the namaz time is available.

DenverSan Diego
San FranciscoNewark
Los AngelesPhiladelphia