Prayer Time Seattle – Find the complete Namaz Calendar

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Are you a resident of Seattle Washington? Do you want to know the exact salah time according to your specific location? That isn’t difficult. Here we are providing you with the prayer time for Seattle. You should continue reading this article in order to find the time for all the salahs specifically according to your area.

Prayer Time Seattle Today:

Whether you are looking for fajr time in Seattle or the time for any other prayer of the day, you can find the timings for today’s prayer time here in the prayer chart below. Make sure to look at each of the timings carefully to perform your prayer within time. 

Salah Time Seattle Weekly:

Similarly, if you want to have a look at the timings for fajr, zuhr, asr, Maghrib or Isha for the day, you can have a look at the weekly namaz schedule that we share for you in the chart below. It does not only cover the fajr time for the entire week. But the dhuhr prayer time, asr time, maghrib time and isha prayer times are all covered for Seattle.

Salat Time Seattle Washington for The Fridays:

Friday’s Salat time is important for Muslims as a special prayer Jummah prayer is performed at midday. The accuracy of timings for Jummah prayer is also important so you can have a look at the exact schedule below.

Monthly Time for Salah in Seattle Washington:

In order to find the exact salah time for your specific area in Seattle, you should look at the chart below. You can also find the timings for the previous month or the upcoming months as well. Just select the month for which you need the namaz time table. 

Jan 016:24 AM12:13 PM2:11 PM4:29 PM6:03 PM
Jan 026:24 AM12:14 PM2:12 PM4:30 PM6:04 PM
Jan 036:24 AM12:14 PM2:13 PM4:31 PM6:05 PM
Jan 046:24 AM12:15 PM2:14 PM4:32 PM6:05 PM
Jan 056:24 AM12:15 PM2:15 PM4:33 PM6:06 PM
Jan 066:24 AM12:15 PM2:16 PM4:34 PM6:07 PM
Jan 076:24 AM12:16 PM2:17 PM4:36 PM6:08 PM
Jan 086:23 AM12:16 PM2:18 PM4:37 PM6:09 PM
Jan 096:23 AM12:17 PM2:19 PM4:38 PM6:11 PM
Jan 106:23 AM12:17 PM2:20 PM4:39 PM6:12 PM
Jan 116:23 AM12:17 PM2:21 PM4:40 PM6:13 PM
Jan 126:22 AM12:18 PM2:22 PM4:42 PM6:14 PM
Jan 136:22 AM12:18 PM2:24 PM4:43 PM6:15 PM
Jan 146:21 AM12:19 PM2:25 PM4:44 PM6:16 PM
Jan 156:21 AM12:19 PM2:26 PM4:46 PM6:17 PM
Jan 166:21 AM12:19 PM2:27 PM4:47 PM6:18 PM
Jan 176:20 AM12:20 PM2:28 PM4:49 PM6:20 PM
Jan 186:19 AM12:20 PM2:29 PM4:50 PM6:21 PM
Jan 196:19 AM12:20 PM2:31 PM4:51 PM6:22 PM
Jan 206:18 AM12:20 PM2:32 PM4:53 PM6:23 PM
Jan 216:17 AM12:21 PM2:33 PM4:54 PM6:25 PM
Jan 226:17 AM12:21 PM2:34 PM4:56 PM6:26 PM
Jan 236:16 AM12:21 PM2:36 PM4:57 PM6:27 PM
Jan 246:15 AM12:22 PM2:37 PM4:59 PM6:28 PM
Jan 256:14 AM12:22 PM2:38 PM5:00 PM6:30 PM
Jan 266:13 AM12:22 PM2:39 PM5:02 PM6:31 PM
Jan 276:13 AM12:22 PM2:41 PM5:03 PM6:32 PM
Jan 286:12 AM12:22 PM2:42 PM5:05 PM6:34 PM
Jan 296:11 AM12:23 PM2:43 PM5:07 PM6:35 PM
Jan 306:10 AM12:23 PM2:45 PM5:08 PM6:36 PM
Jan 316:08 AM12:23 PM2:46 PM5:10 PM6:38 PM

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What is the time for fajr in Seattle?

Fajr prayer is performed before the sunrise all over the world. For the exact time according to your location, you can have a look at the chart present above.

What is the time for Dhuhr Prayer?

Zhuhr has to be performed around midday. In order to know the exact timing, you can have a look at the prayer timings that we have highlighted above.

What is the time for asr in Seattle?

It is the third obligatory prayer in a day. The charts present above can help you in finding the accurate time for every salah.

What is the time for Maghrib in Seattle?

Maghrib Prayer time in Seattle Washington is limited so you’ll have to perform your namaz in that time. Have a look at the charts above to find the accurate time.

What is the time for Isha?

As Isha prayer is performed at night, so to perform it at the right time, you ‘ll have to get the accurate time for it. And you can get it from the chart above. 

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