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Prayer Times Washington DC – Complete Prayer Chart:

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Living in Washington DC and looking for exact prayer times? On this website, you’ll get the accurate chart for all the namaz and salah. We expect that these accurate timing for the namaz in Washington DC would help you to be on time for all the tasks, other than the salat as well. 

When is the fajr namaz today in Washington DC?

Fajr prayer is performed before the sunrise. In Washington DC, the salat time for fajr is mentioned in the chart below.

When is the Zuhr prayer today?

For Zuhr namaz timings in Washington DC, you can have a look at the prayer schedule below. Usually, the normal time for the prayer of Zuhr is at midday.

When is the Asr Prayer today?

The time for the Asr prayer is in the evening. You can look for the exact salat times Washington DC in the salat chart present below.

When is the Maghrib Prayer Time in Washington DC?

The Maghrib Prayer Time is after the sunset. In order to find the Islamic prayer time Washington DC for Maghrib, you can refer to the namaz timetable below.

What is the Isha Prayer Time?

Isha is the last prayer of the day with the most number of rakaats. It is performed at night. To find out the exact time for the Isha Prayer, you can have a look at the timing below presented in the time schedule.

Monthly Prayer Chart:

The following chart encompasses the prayer times Washington DC for the entire month. You can have a look at not only the daily schedule but weekly and monthly schedules can also be accessed here. 

Moreover, this prayer chart also provides you the option to choose from different sects, letting you select the sect that you are following. So, that you can get the most accurate muslim prayer times. 

Jan 016:07 AM12:12 PM2:39 PM4:57 PM6:17 PM
Jan 026:07 AM12:12 PM2:40 PM4:58 PM6:17 PM
Jan 036:08 AM12:13 PM2:41 PM4:59 PM6:18 PM
Jan 046:08 AM12:13 PM2:42 PM5:00 PM6:19 PM
Jan 056:08 AM12:14 PM2:42 PM5:01 PM6:20 PM
Jan 066:08 AM12:14 PM2:43 PM5:02 PM6:21 PM
Jan 076:08 AM12:15 PM2:44 PM5:03 PM6:21 PM
Jan 086:08 AM12:15 PM2:45 PM5:04 PM6:22 PM
Jan 096:08 AM12:15 PM2:46 PM5:05 PM6:23 PM
Jan 106:08 AM12:16 PM2:47 PM5:06 PM6:24 PM
Jan 116:08 AM12:16 PM2:48 PM5:07 PM6:25 PM
Jan 126:08 AM12:17 PM2:49 PM5:08 PM6:26 PM
Jan 136:07 AM12:17 PM2:49 PM5:09 PM6:27 PM
Jan 146:07 AM12:17 PM2:50 PM5:10 PM6:28 PM
Jan 156:07 AM12:18 PM2:51 PM5:11 PM6:29 PM
Jan 166:07 AM12:18 PM2:52 PM5:12 PM6:30 PM
Jan 176:06 AM12:18 PM2:53 PM5:13 PM6:31 PM
Jan 186:06 AM12:19 PM2:54 PM5:14 PM6:32 PM
Jan 196:06 AM12:19 PM2:55 PM5:15 PM6:33 PM
Jan 206:05 AM12:19 PM2:56 PM5:16 PM6:33 PM
Jan 216:05 AM12:20 PM2:57 PM5:17 PM6:34 PM
Jan 226:05 AM12:20 PM2:58 PM5:18 PM6:35 PM
Jan 236:04 AM12:20 PM2:59 PM5:20 PM6:36 PM
Jan 246:04 AM12:20 PM3:00 PM5:21 PM6:37 PM
Jan 256:03 AM12:21 PM3:01 PM5:22 PM6:38 PM
Jan 266:02 AM12:21 PM3:02 PM5:23 PM6:39 PM
Jan 276:02 AM12:21 PM3:03 PM5:24 PM6:40 PM
Jan 286:01 AM12:21 PM3:04 PM5:25 PM6:41 PM
Jan 296:01 AM12:21 PM3:05 PM5:26 PM6:43 PM
Jan 306:00 AM12:21 PM3:06 PM5:28 PM6:44 PM
Jan 315:59 AM12:22 PM3:07 PM5:29 PM6:45 PM

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